Mutual of Omaha Medicare collaborates with Lumeris ensuring meaningful healthcare benefits

Mutual of Omaha Medicare announced its foray into the Medicare Advantage market on Jan17, 2018 with Lumeris, a strategic alliance, an industry leader offering health care value-based solutions.  Mutual of Omaha Medicare and Lumeris will be initiating in 2019 to offer more plans with Medicare Advantage plans including the coverage of prescription drug in select markets.

There will be multiyear agreement between Lumeris and Mutual of Omaha Medicare and this will develop plans for Medicare Advantage to provide efficient care and high quality services to the customers of Mutual Medicare Advantage.  It is believed that one in three people are enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans and it is anticipated that by 2027, this number will climb to 41 percent.

Thus Medicare Advantage market will denote a forward step for Mutual of Omaha Medicare and will be responsive in meeting the needs of customer and will also offer the senior health solutions to be meaningful. This collaboration of Lumeris and Mutual of Omaha will result in better health outcomes and will benefit the customers of Medicare Advantage. Lumeris, is a forge enabling joint relationships between payers, consumers and providers that it has earned good recognition to be the best in value-based care services continuously from 2015-2017. The advantage is that this company also has more than 10 years experience and has come up with collaborative payer model that delivers to patients better clinical outcomes. This model will emphasize the patients wellness and ensure better outcomes, improved patient experience, lower costs and physician satisfaction.

Lumeris and Mutual of Omahas new initiative appears to be exciting and is focused on delivering to seniors highest quality care. This new partnership is expected to leverage unique strengths so that the health care ecosystem is benefitted. There will be meaningful difference in the patients and providers.  Mutual of Omaha was the first Medicare supplement plans 2018 provider and now it intends to meet health care challenging needs by penetrating the Medicare Advantage Market in association with Lumeris and its care model that is proven, so that seniors get an array of solutions as choices.

Mutual of Omaha will carry the name and provide marketing, brand and distribution, while Lumeris will be a strategic operating partner establishing networks, evaluating markets, aligning providers and administering plans.  Medicare Advantage Plans provide benefits and these are government provided. Majority of the Medicare Advantage plans use a model for health care and offer benefits as additional covered by Parts A & B- Medicare, including coverage for prescription drug.